Aluminum oxide Flooring finish

What is a finish?

The finish is a protective top coat that seals a hardwood floor against damage from everyday wear-and-tear, moisture, and stains. Prefinished floors have the finish applied during manufacturing. Unfinished floors have the finish applied on-site - at the customer's home.

Prefinished hardwood floors are also called "factory finished". Unfinished floors are also called "site-finished".

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Prefinished Floors

Hardwood flooring with a factory-applied finish is not only faster and easier to install, but it performs better over time. To produce the highest quality hardwood flooring, stains and finish coatings are applied and dried in a factory-controlled environment. High-performance aluminum oxide urethane coatings are subjected to as many as seven passes of ultraviolet light to cure the urethane to the wood and preserve its color, thus creating an extremely durable finish. By comparison, site-finished floors typically receive only 2-3 coats of polyurethane and then are allowed to cure by air drying.

Armstrong Floors Are Prefinished

All Armstrong hardwood flooring comes prefinished for a hassle-free installation and is warranted for up to 35 years for residential use. For a high durability hardwood product, consider Armstrong’s Performance Plus hardwood floors. These floors are made with a patented acrylic-infusion process that makes them 2.5x harder than untreated hardwood floors of the same species. Plus they have superior scratch and stain resistance.

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Unfinished Floors

Unfinished hardwood flooring ships from the factory in its natural state. Sanding, staining, and finishing are all done on site after the boards are installed. End and edge treatments are typically limited to "square".

Performance Plus Hardwood Hickory - ESP5231
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