Aluminum oxide toxicity

Chemtrails Sited as Culprit in Aluminaum Oxide toxicityExcerpt of interest refers to “chemtrails” a description used in an article authored by neurologist, Russell Blaylock.

“With increasing proliferation in the usage it is certain that aluminum oxide nanoparticles will ultimately find a way into the biosphere [17], chemtrails left by jet fuel have already raised concerns over their role increased incidences of Alzheimer disease [18]. Several relevant studies concerning aluminum oxide nanoparticles toxicity include its detrimental effects on prokaryotic microorganisms [19], microalgae species [20], aquatic cladocerans [21], earthworms [22], nematodes [23], zebra fish [24] and cell lines [25]. Despite the growing market size of aluminum oxide and its proven toxicity record we feel that there is a dearth of available literature concerning its toxicity in the aquatic environment and a significant knowledge gap exists between time dependent monitoring of bioavailability and resulting toxicity of nanoparticles [26].”

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