CAS 1303-86-2 Boric Oxide

Boric oxide

I wanted to share this with you all..
I was browsing through another famous automobile forum more oriented towards cars & a guy in that had tested using boric acid + engine oil on his esteem's engine. Later he had tried with Boric acid + petrol, petrol + 2t oil.
He had mentioned that Using boric acid with oil is the cheapest & most effective way of smoothening the ride & reducing friction drastically.

Its like this, boric acid (3gms) + 1 litre of oil when mixed & put in the engine, under such high pressure & temperature, Boric acid is transformed as Boric oxide which is tougher than the metal used in engine itself.

Few points summarised -

* Its already in the size of 4-15 microns, so passing through oil filter is not an issue. It sticks to the surfaces of metals & reduces grinding of each other.
* Engine performance improves due to tighter compression as all cavities, crevices are filled by lubricating boron particles which restores original compression.
* oil changing time can be doubled easily as minute metal parts which makes oil thick is the past thing.
* Engine oil additives are either sulpher or chlorine or graphites which are very toxic in nature & also when they work in extreme temparature their vapours are very very toxic at exhaust end.
* Since boron treated metal surface becomes corrosion resistant. Most wear & tear also occurs due to acid formation in combustion process.
* Boron particles react with water vapour to form boric oxide layers which sticks with metal surfaces making a covalent bond. These layers doesnt allow metal surfaces to contact each other, like in carrom board. They are high temparature, pressure resistant, also they are very hard, infact harder then metal surface beneath it. So metal to metal contact is very much eliminated reducing the friction which is responsible for generating more heat inside combustion chamber. Acidic formation by combustion process is taken care as no metal surface is exposed as earlier.

Now, my question is, has anyone tried this treatment??
When this is added, its claimed that it makes engine oil smoother & it sticks to surfaces. In that case, will it make the clutch slippery?

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