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We have done business with them for a number of years and when the daughter took it over, the customer service went downhill almost immediately. We sent our driver in to drop off our parts and asked them to hold off for an hour on processing our order because we had more parts to add. When I picked up the completed order (9 days later), they handed me the bill and we were charged for 2 lots. I tried reminding them that we had asked to hold the order for the remaining parts. She claimed that never happened and it was our drivers word against their employee. I said that this was horrible customer service and perhaps I should take my business elsewhere. She went to her desk, handed me a piece of paper and said, "Good luck finding anyone else. We are the only Black Oxide service in San Diego county." The paper she handed me had other Black Oxide services North of us in the LA area and Anaheim areas. I was shocked that she would treat customers this way. No regard for the years of business we gave them. Plus, their rates had increased drastically in the past two years. So, I called the other companies and found a GREAT one in Santa Fe Springs called AllBlack Co. I spoke with Juan at 1.800.425.2522 and he walked me through their process. He set me up with a new account, sent his delivery driver down our way, picked up on a Wed. and had my parts back to me Friday - 2 days later!! Their rates are 1/2 of what Black Oxide in San Marcos are. Plus, their customer service is incredible! BO in San Marcos took close to 2 weeks to get me my parts. Additionally, they closed during Christmas for 3 weeks. So, I guess I should thank BO in San Marcos for the sheet of paper with all of their competitors... It's where I found a fantastic company, wonderful customer service, great turn-around and low rates - AllBlack Co!!!

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Home Improvement (SOG Specialty Knives & Tools)
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  • 420 steel multi-tool with a full-serrated blade and a black oxide finish
  • Packed with (13) essential tools and comes with a nylon sheath for added portability
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) makes crimping simple with less hand pressure
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
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