Magnetic iron oxide

Cover imageIONPs are applied in chemical industries, medicine, magnetic storage etc.

Electrochemical synthesis (EC) is convenient, eco-friendly, selective and low-cost.

EC key factors are current density, pH, electrolyte concentration, electrode type.

Organic, inorganic and biological materials can be used to modify IONPs’ surface.

The physicochemical properties of IONPs can be controlled by adding surfactants.

Recently, magnetic iron oxide particles have been emerged as significant nanomaterials due to its extensive range of application in various fields. In this regard, synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles with desirable properties and high potential applications are greatly demanded. Therefore, investigation on different iron oxide phases and their magnetic properties along with various commonly used synthetic techniques are remarked and thoroughly described in this review. Electrochemical synthesis as a newfound method with unique advantages is elaborated, followed by design approaches and key parameters to control the properties of the iron oxide nanoparticles. Additionally, since the dispersion of iron oxide nanoparticles is as important as its preparation, surface modification issue has been a serious challenge which is comprehensively discussed using different surfactants. Despite the advantages of the electrochemical synthesis method, this technique has been poorly studied and requires deep investigations on effectual parameters such as current density, pH, electrolyte concentration etc.


  • Iron-oxide nanoparticles;
  • Electrooxidation;
  • Superparamagnetic iron-oxide;
  • Surface modification
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