Magnesium oxide for migraines

Anyone who has ever had a true migraine knows how not only painful but debilitating they can be. Modern medicine still has not been able to identify a single true cure or treatment for them that is known to be effective for most people most of the time. This leaves people with migraines searching for different treatment options. One natural remedy that has provided relief for some people is the use of magnesium oxide. It has been indicated via research studies that magnesium levels play a role in various receptors in the brain, particularly those that are affected in migraines. This can be a nice alternative to beta blockers, antidepressants or other drugs.

The human body utilizes magnesium for more than three hundred chemical processes on a daily basis. These include wound healing, cell and bone growth and building, general energy production and more. Easily available as an over the counter supplement, magnesium has been utilized to treat migraines and other chronic headaches. This is because it has been found that chronic migraine sufferers have a common thread of a low level of magnesium in their bodies compared to people who do not suffer from severe headaches or migraines. You can also increase magnesium or magnesium oxide in your diet naturally by eating more leafy greens, whole grains and nuts.

A typical recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium is between 310 and 320 milligrams per day for an adult woman and between 400 and 420 milligrams per day for an adult man. In order to have an effect on preventing migraines, the levels that have shown to have an effect are closer to 600 milligrams per day. However, a person should be cautious when choosing to increase the amount of magnesium, or any vitamin or mineral, in their diet suddenly. Magnesium oxide is generally known to be very safe and not toxic to the body. However it can have a laxative effect and may exacerbate other stomach issues if present. It is always best to consult with a doctor or medical professional before deciding to dramatically increase the dose of any supplement.

After a professional medical consultation, if you decide to proceed with an increase in magnesium in your diet, you have a few options. These can include pill form or even a powdered version of magnesium oxide that would be mixed with water and taken orally. It may be helpful or you to try different forms of the supplement as each will be absorbed differently by your body and therefore may affect the overall effectiveness for you personally.

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