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Which really misses the point of not worrying about food again. We are told we could survive on Soylent entirely and that any other food could be "recreational", which is a great idea but it's simply not true as long as I am going to get cancer in 5 years because Soylent is all I ingest. I would survive longer even if I lived on Burger King. Please, note the use of "survive".

If you look at the latest ingredient list you will see there is no more sucralose.

I am confused. I'm looking at the nutrition fact sheet version 1.4, sucralose is there (last one):

Magnesium oxide absorbs just fine when consumed with food.

As I said, I am relating to a PubMed article. Most of magnesium oxide coming from food will not be absorbed by the human body. Do you have any other reliable, perhaps more up-to-date, source? Can you please provide it?

Really, it's not like I am challenging, I am genuinely interested in a practical, easy & quick source of nutrition as long as I know it works. With so many million dollars of venture capital I don't think replacing magnesium oxide with magnesium citrate would be difficult to Soylent, and I would be more than happy to pay double the current price of Soylent to have an actually healthy source of nutrition.

Your body will convert D2 to D3.

It sure will, but this process seems to be much less effective than simply absorbing D3 in the first place:

Which leads me to the conclusion that Soylent is not a good source of vitamin D.

Actually, this is a really minor issue since vitamin D is not generally found in food and it is mostly synthesized by the human body, but I would love to hear that Soylent is also a good D3 supplement.

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