Glass MGO 8mm boards.magnesium

Magnesium oxide wallboard

MGO board was introduced about 15 years ago but it was not at a good time in the construction industry. Since then you may agree building has rebounded. But with that is also an enormous influx of alternative building materials, MGO board being one of them.

The greatest problem that faces almost every mgo board but one is that they are all sourced and/or manufactured in China, which right now has a big black mark on it for the disaster created by their inferior sheetrock product. And builders should be wary.

That said, yes, MGO wallboard is up and coming but again with any new product until it catches on it is difficult to source and can be expensive. However, it does solve a myriad of issues in construction from fire protection, flood protection, mold/mildew, and interestingly MGO board - at least the one i am most familiar with - Foreverboard - absorbs Co2 - for better air quality. The greatest point to this product is that it is SOURCED AND MANUFACTURED in the USA. It is the only one that is.

So, if anybody is interested in trying this product, I believe it would satisfy many of your objectives, residential and commercial.

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