Niobium oxide Capacitors

AVX SpiTanIII tantalum and niobium oxide (Oxicap) capacitor simulation softwareAVX released version two of their SpiTanIII tantalum and niobium oxide (Oxicap) capacitor simulation software. The tool helps electronic design engineers model and build stable, robust, and reliable designs. SpiTanIII V2.0 features a broadly expanded library of part numbers, new two-capacitor comparison tool, and increased user friendliness, such as the new button specifically dedicated to generating S-parameters. The latest version of SpiTanIII is available now.

SpiTanIII V2.0 features an expanded library of more than 3, 000 part numbers and a new two-capacitor comparison function. The tool helps engineers to access all of the basic characteristics and parameters for AVX’s standard, polymer, wet, and conformally coated tantalum capacitors. This includes the new TCM Series tantalum polymer multianode chip capacitors and the recently acquired F-Series capacitors — in addition to its niobium oxide (Oxicap) capacitors.

Accessible characteristics in SpiTanIII V2.0 includes capacitance, impedance, equivalent series resistance (ESR), dissipation factor (DF), ripple current, ripple voltage, and leakage current (DCL). Utilizing user input values for ambient temperature and, when evaluating DCL, derating levels, the software can accurately calculate, model, and compare capacitor performance simulations that reflect each designers’ unique application parameters.

The tool enables design engineers to evaluate how changes in temperature affect frequency characteristics. New features accessible by a single, dedicated button also helps designers to generate S-parameters, which are useful for designing circuits that require high frequency accuracy. In addition, all graphs created in SpiTanIII V2.0 may be exported as image files or a list of data values viewable using spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, for further evaluation.

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