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Nitric oxide asthma

NICE has assessed 3 devices, NIOX MINO, NIOX VERO and NObreath, to help the NHS decide whether to use these products.

The devices are used for measuring the amount of forced exhaled nitric oxide in the breath (called FeNO). Nitric oxide is produced in the lungs and some of it is breathed out. Increased levels of nitric oxide in the breath are thought to be related to lung inflammation and asthma. Also, FeNO levels in the breath can be lowered by effective asthma treatment with inhaled corticosteroids (preventers). So, measuring FeNO in the breath may help in the diagnosis and management of asthma.

NICE has recommended FeNO testing to help diagnose asthma in adults and children when diagnosis is unclear. It has also recommended FeNO testing to help manage asthma in people who have symptoms despite using inhaled corticosteroids.

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Exhaled nitric oxide measures asthma activity: this simple test gauges disease activity with greater sensitivity than lung function tests or ... An article from: Internal Medicine News
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Exhaled nitric oxide may assess asthma best: many patients with symptoms have normal lung function tests but high levels of exhaled nitric oxide.(Clinical Rounds): An article from: Pediatric News
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