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You may be wondering, what is the best nitric oxide supplement you can buy? With so many types of supplements on the store shelves, your search can be overwhelming and frustrating. The answer depends on your budget and on your unique exercise goals.

Nitric oxide has been extensively publicized as an important supplement for serious bodybuilders. However, you are the only person who knows for sure whether taking nitric oxide is right for you.

If you determine that it is, you should then consider the goals you are hoping to achieve.

What is nitric oxide?

An amino acid that your body produces naturally called L-arginine is what makes nitric oxide. It benefits weightlifters because it works to widen blood vessels to allow more blood and oxygen to flow throughout your body and muscles.

Nitric oxide also helps your body to heal itself and defend against illness. On store shelves and product labels, nitric oxide is often referred to by its chemical symbol NO.

Bodybuilders are enamored by nitric oxide because it is said to increase the pump, the term used to describe the taut feeling you get in your muscles from extra blood flow to the area. This is seen as an indication that your muscles are receiving the nutrients and oxygen they need for successful bodybuilding.

By boosting the amount of oxygen and blood to your muscles, nitric oxide helps your body heal better and quicker.

As you lift weights, lactic acid is produced. This byproduct serves to make you feel tired and zap your energy.

Although lactic acid buildup is unavoidable during exercise, it is essential to remove it as soon as possible in order to work out longer. The extra blood flow that is created by nitric oxide production acts as a cleaner to rinse out the lactic acid. For additional knowledge about your health and weight lifting, visit the Mayo Clinic website.

What kinds of nitric oxide supplements are available?

You can find a variety of nitric oxide supplements. It is important to understand that, as a gas, nitric oxide is not the actual ingredient. The main component of the product should be L-arginine, which produces the nitric oxide.

Often you will notice supplements that combine nitric oxide with creatine, which improves both blood flow and hydration to your muscles. Keep in mind that these products can also contain quite a bit of caffeine for an additional energy jolt. These components provide a way for you to avoid artificial substances in your body as they are all completely natural.

There are also supplements which contain ingredients that help your body produce more nitric oxide. Some of these include ginseng and cacao. It is crucial that you read the labels and be wary of fillers like sugars and artificial colors.

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