Nitric oxide for Working out

RAZOR8 Blast PowderOne of the most widely studied molecules of the past three decades – and unquestionably important from a bodybuilding standpoint – is Nitric Oxide, or NO. Known within strength training and muscle building circles as an effective way to promote the coveted muscle ‘pump’ (engorgement of blood within working muscles). NO also serves to enhance nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscle tissue, regulates insulin secretion, increases muscle velocity and elevates power output. NO has, since it was first used in 1996, increasingly become a staple part of many a hard training athlete’s supplement regimen.

Nitric Oxide 101

Considered an important signaling molecule given the extent to which it regulates many of our most critical cellular and physiological processes – most notably for bodybuilders, blood flow, or hemodilation – NO is an essential ingredient in most good pre-workout formulations. Aside from its cell volumizing bodybuilding benefits, NO’s positive effects extend to immune system integrity, the regulation of cell death, and neurotransmission: respectively, NO may encourage good health, enhance the structural stability of our healthy cells and promote sounder nervous system functioning to improve physical and mental performance.

The NO Breakthrough

Originally termed Endothelium-Derived Relaxing Factor (EDRF) after scientists had first identified its blood vessel relaxant properties, and its role in influencing vascular tone, NO (at first assumed to be a protein like other signaling molecules) was discovered to be a highly reactive gas. It was subsequently named Nitric Oxide and has since had over 60, 000 scientific papers published on it.

In 1992, NO was named Molecule of the Year by the prestigious journal, Science. The pioneering work researchers’ Louis Ignarro, Robert Furchgott and Ferid Murad conducted on Nitric Oxide won them a Nobel Prize in 1998. However heavily studied and clinically proven a substance is, however, that does not necessarily correlate with its efficacy in real life situations. A noteworthy, publishable effect may be of a greater or lesser nature and its application may not have real world significance, or at best its usefulness may be debatable. Fortunately for hard training athletes, NO is the real deal.

Prime the Pump to Build the Muscle

Nitric Oxide’s artery dilating properties increase blood flow to working muscles in response to NO production – ok, but how? This is how it works…

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