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Nitric oxide lozenges

A few weeks ago I was in Miami with my daughter checking out the University. Perhaps it was the heat or perhaps it was the realization that I am old enough to have a child going to college, but I felt totally wiped out. I met this amazing naturopathic doctor at the hotel spa (how cool is it that the hotel had that available?) He gave me these nitric oxide lozenges he had created. Since I am such a sucker for trying new things, of course I took them!

Immediately I felt alert, awake and focused. It was amazing. Unfortunately, because I have low blood pressure, these lozenges made me feel a little too energized. As in, I couldn’t sleep. I have since shared them with lots of friends who are able to use them, and I found other ways to get natural and smaller doses of nitrix oxide, through items such as beet juice, watermelon and almonds.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a good free radical that works to totally reset your body’s power grid. It’s the molecule that determines your levels of wellness in all areas of health: emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually. It is often referred to as “the feel good molecule” because the higher your nitric oxide levels, the better you and your body will feel. Also I should note, for those of you wondering if I’m talking about the anesthetic laughing gas you get at the dentist, that’s nitrous oxide and not the same thing!

Here’s how it works:

1. Nitric oxide is produced in the body.

2. It causes the smooth muscles in the walls of your blood vessels to relax, allowing them to open up, letting oxygen and other fabulous nutrients have better access to your organs, especially your heart and brain.

3. Your total circulation in your body improves and the nitric oxide sends a message to your body to function at its optimal health.

4. Nitric oxide also gives the signal to your body to solve any health problems it has going on. It tells white blood cells to fight off infection, kill tumors and start repairing damaged tissue. It can also alleviate the stickiness of blood clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Research now shows that everything from cancer to heart disease to strokes to diabetes have to do with cellular inflammation. Nitric oxide helps to decrease cellular inflammation and rid your body of the diseases that come with it.

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