Nitric oxide therapy

Nitric-oxide-testNitric Oxide Test Strips allow you to test the amount of Nitric Oxide in your blood.

Beets are the New Black

Beets are often overlooked among the pantheon of fruits and vegetables. Incomparable apples and oranges have long been the headliners. Corn and potatoes are manly and come from states that start with the letter I. Lettuce has cornered the market on the whole salad thing, although Kale keeps trying to get a foot in the door. Until recently, beets didn’t get much press outside Russian novelists alluding to the hardscrabble lives of the peasantry.

Now beets are in the spotlight because of their high concentration of healthy vegetable nitrates. The body converts these nitrates into nitric oxide and zoom! off you go, your circulation improved, stamina increased. You’ve been Six–Million-Dollar-Manned by a shot of beet juice.

Go Ahead and Test It

9786598You might say, “But hey, like, no way is that possible.” (or if you’re more eloquent than that) “Zounds!, ” you’d probably say, wiping clean your precious monocle. “Unlikely proposition!”

It’s both possible and likely! It’s also very testable thanks to Berkeley Test’s Nitric Oxide Test Strips. These fancy strips are easy to use. Pop one end on your tongue, take it out after five seconds. Touch the saliva end to the test end and it will turn pink, dark pink or not-so-pink red depending on your nitric oxide levels.

We Sell Nitric Oxide Test Strips

Best of all, you can purchase nitric oxide test strips along with your Red Rush to make sure that you’re getting enough in your system to keep your body working at peak levels. In fact, the first 1, 500 orders of Red Rush will come with four Berkeley NO strips in a deal we’re calling the Early Berk(eley) Special. (Full disclosure: No one else around here is actually calling it that.)

“Berkeley Test reminds me to keep natural whole foods rich in nitric oxide as an integral component to my training diet for optimal performance.”

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