Nitrous/Oxide Regulator

Nitrous oxide regulator

Exposure to nitrous oxide gas was accomplished using an open circuit system composed of a medical grade com- pressed nitrous oxide gas cylinder and regulator, rotom- eters, and Tygon tubing.

To the right is the nitrous oxide gas tank with a regulator .

The gas -loaded regulator for nitrous oxide was examined and found lo comprise only a single diaphragm: this diaphragm was cracked (Fig. 1). and thus per- .

No. 03030106 Regulator, air, two-stage, high-purity, delivery pressure range 30-700 kPa (4-100 psi), Matheson Tri- Gas, Model 3122-590 Regulator, nitrous oxide, single-stage, PerkinElmer Spectrophotometer, AAS, computer controlled, with lamps for the elements to be analyzed.

Necessary equipment includes a compressed gas cylinder of nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide, a regulator, pressure gauge, cryogun, and cryoprobe tip.

CLOSE the nitrous oxide /methane gas bottle isolation valve and allow the regulator pressure to decay to zero.

...described previo~sly.~*~*'*It has a present respiratory rate of 60/minute with a constant inspirat0ry:expiratory ratio of 1:3.5, built-in nitrous oxide /oxygen blender for adjustment of Ro, and a gas flow regulator permitting accurate adjustment of...

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Western Enterprises Regulator Inlet Replacement Tips Model Code: AD (part# 613-KPT)
Home Improvement (Western Enterprises)
  • Gas Type - Nitrous Oxide
  • Type - Tip
  • CGA No. - CGA-326
  • Wt. - 0.01 lb
Fisher Scientific Fisherbrand Multistage Cylinder Regulators, Regulator Nitrous Oxide
BISS (Fisher Scientific)
  • For noncorrosive gases
  • Ideal for applications requiring maintenance of a constant delivery pressure until cylinder contents
  • Feature neoprene diaphragms reinforced with nylon fabric, nylon seals, Orthane seats for first and s
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