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Aston Villa's Jack Grealish and Tim SherwoodJack Grealish got a kiss from Tim Sherwood in appreciation of his performance in Sunday's FA Cup semi-final but has now been warned by Aston Villa's manager over his use of nitrous oxide. Photograph: Alex James/JMP/REX Shutterstock

Aston Villa’s manager, Tim Sherwood, has warned Jack Grealish after the midfielder was pictured inhaling nitrous oxide.

“I’m not pleased, obviously, ” he said. “I spoke to Jack first thing this morning as he came in. I explained to him his behaviour can’t be tolerated by the football club. We can’t condone that behaviour, but, as I said about Raheem last week, he’s a young man, he was even younger a year earlier when the picture was taken.

“It doesn’t matter how young he is; he is now in a responsible position as a professional footballer. He’s got to make sure it won’t happen again. He’s assured me it won’t.”

Grealish will be in the squad for Saturday’s Premier League trip to Manchester City and Sherwood believes it will be a learning curve for the player, who has not been fined.

“I’m not worried. No. To be honest there is only one form of discipline, that’s self-discipline, that’s what really matters. Jack has to take that on board now. This is an eye-opener for him, he has to realise he has to be very careful who he can trust out there.”

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