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The makers of America’s safest sunscreen and deodorant have also created our favorite silver ointment, 3rd Rock Antimicrobial RashBlock, the best natural alternative to Neosporin and other triple antibiotic ointments.

Why We Love Silver Oxide Ointment by 3rd Rock RashBlock:

It soothes rashes and skin irritations.
It’s animal-testing free.
It’s non-toxic and petroleum-free.
It’s edible and safe if ingested.

Ingredients: Food Grade Edible Emulsifier, Kosher Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Chelated Silver Oxide.

3rd Rock Rashblock 6pack_squareAccording to user testimonials, chelated silver oxide’s antimicrobial agents are also effective against urinary-tract infections, bites, stings (including jellyfish), chafing, and other irritations caused by exposure to bacteria, microbes, and fungi.

Simply apply to the area affected. No need to be afraid of harmful chemicals or antibiotics, RashBlock is pure enough to be edible.

Read about the natural healing power of chelated silver oxide below. If you want to learn more about the science, inventor, patent, customers testimonials and other information, click here.

Why You Should Use Silver Oxide Ointment on Everyday Cuts and Scrapes

3rd Rock Rashblock contains silver oxide, an ancient healing secret that was somehow wiped off the medicinal map after antibiotics were discovered and patented by Big Pharma. Sure, many antimicrobial agents like chlorine destroy bacteria on contact; but these toxins also kill living cells and tissue, even in low doses. Silver oxide has similar antibacterial properties but works in a different way.

Our silver oxide is treated with a patented chelation process, which makes it unique. This is NOT a metal salt. It is chelated with amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – and it makes our product powerfully bioactive and bioavailable unlike any other silver compound. Other silver salts are usually silver nitrate based and do not have the bioactivity or bioavailability and therefore healing efficiency.

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