Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Sunscreen zinc oxide titanium dioxide

Everyday I am asked multiple times what sunscreens I recommend.
Zinc Oxide is the best sunscreen. It provides the broadest and most long lasting protection. However, when i mention this ingredient, everyone immediately thinks of the thick paste lifeguards use. That’s not exactly what I am talking about. Every sunscreen by law is required to list the “active ingredients.” As long as zinc oxide is one of the ingredients, I am happy, however, I truly believe zinc and titanium dioxide are the best combination. Many people are concerned about nanoparticles in the mineral sunscreens, however, unless 1) you have a nanoparticle formulation and 2) you have lots of open skin -such as with an extensive eczema, there is not any significant penetration. I’d be much more concerned about the chemical sunscreens such as avobenzones which are absorbed into your body through your skin and metabolized in the kidneys.

I have many people on the Verdure sunscreen waitlist. We are anticipating a May launch and I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I will provide you some other options during your annual skin check.

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