White zinc oxide Sunscreen

If there's one product I get excited for, it's natural sunscreen; and if it has a tint, I'm even more intrigued. I heard about Badger's Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 30 on Facebook last month, and I jumped to purchase it the day that it came out. I've tried and loved Badger's Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen, which was just re-released after a reformulation, but I've had issues with the white cast from other Badger SPF products. This sunscreen isn't meant to give coverage as a foundation; instead the tint helps make up for that white cast from the non-nano zinc oxide.

Before and after applying the sunscreen in. The sunscreen doesn't alter my skintone and is pretty well invisible when it's rubbed in.

The product comes out of the tube in a neutral tan color that's a bit darker than my skin, but I was wowed by how well it blended into without changing my skin tone or leaving a white cast. It does make my skin look a bit more even and radiant, but it doesn't really cover any imperfections. I think it would work on those with fair to medium skin, but it definitely doesn't work on dark skin tones.

The biggest reason I wanted to try this sunscreen is that it is probably the safest one on the market. Its active ingredient is non-nano uncoated zinc oxide, my preferred form of sun protection, and the rest of the formula is a simple blend of sunflower oil, beeswax, iron oxides, jojoba esters and seabuckthorn oil. I love that there are no preservatives or fillers, and the inclusion of seabuckthorn is great for its antioxidant properties.

As a result of the simple formula, this sunscreen is thick and you can feel the oils on your skin as you wear it. My skin is not as acne prone as it used to be, and I haven't had any issues with breakouts while using this product. That said, it's probably not for all skin types. I really don't think those with oily skin or breakout issues would like how it sits on the skin, but those with dry skin might enjoy the richness of the formula. It works pretty well under my makeup, though I can definitely feel the extra layer on my face compared to other sunscreens I've tried. On another note, though this product is recommended for face and body, I wouldn't pick this to use on my body because I wear white all the time, and it would probably wind up on my clothes. If you wear dark colors it might be less of an issue.

Overall, I'm really enjoying this product, and I feel especially assured about the safety of the ingredients. Out of any sunscreen brand I've used, I trust Badger's the most.

The Compact Review: This tinted sunscreen blends in amazingly without changing my skin tone, even though it's darker than me out of the tube. It is heavy and it sits on the skin, so I wouldn't recommend it for those with breakout issues or oily skin. I think the color will work for most fair to medium skin tones, but not deep ones. If you want something that feels "barely there, " this isn't the right option, but if ingredient safety and full spectrum coverage are your priority, this is a great product.

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