Zinc oxide Lip Balm

Whenever someone asks what’s the one thing I never leave the house without, I reply “lip balm”. Of course, I’m partly lying, because once in a while I forget it at home. And those are the worst days – especially in winter. But you know what helps my memory? If I really love the balm I have at that point. So try any of these five lip balm recipes to avoid being in that awful dry lip situation:

Cinnamon will plump your lips, while coconut oil and vitamin E will keep them moisturized and healthy.

Just because it’s not officially pumpkin pie season, doesn’t mean it can’t be for you – on your lips. The honey in this recipe will make your lips feel divine!

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Fallene, Ltd. Cotz Lip Spf 45, .14 Ounce
Beauty (Fallene, Ltd.)
  • - Dermatologist Recommended - Pure Mineral Sun Protection with a silky smooth skin feel - Extra gentle - no chemical sunscreen filters
  • - SPF 45 exceeds level recommended by skin cancer experts - Broad Spectrum UVA - UVB protection
  • - Photostable: Won t breakdown when exposed to sun light - Water Resistant (80 minutes)
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