Zinc oxide Soap

Okay, i just don't know what went into my mind and jump into trying new things, i know, when it comes to like beautifying yourself you should not be frugal, you should spend money on yourself, you should be open to new stuff like this. If people don't know I've been suffering mild acne since I was like in my teens, I'm 21 now and acne is still like one of my worst enemy.

But I'm kinda grateful because my acne is only around on my chin/ jaw line unlike others that have like acne around their whole face. Okay, I'm battling that and hence I try a new soap, Dr. Kaufman Sulfur Oxide Soap, well, at first I have high hopes here but then after days I just used it, probably it was like around 6 to 8 days when i realized instead of pimples should be disappearing, pimples appears, hence resulting an acne breakouts. Like I said earlier the only place that I suffer mild acne is around my chin/ jaw but while using this soap well, I got pimples around my cheeks, forehead etc, hence resulting tons of tons of pimples.

It was then i realized that this soap is not for me, I think Ponds is far more better than this brand as Ponds do improve my face although I still have minor breakouts anyways, so I stopped using Dr. Kaufman Sulfur soap and return to Ponds which I then realized that Ponds do works for me although I suffer mild breakouts.

It doesn't mean that Dr. Kaufman doesn't work for me, means that this soap will not work for you. Just remember there are like many skin types Dr. Kaufman doesn't work for me probably it will work for you.

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Zinc Oxide Powder - La Lune Naturals - Non Nano and Uncoated, Pure Cosmetic Grade - 10 FREE Recipes and Scoop - Perfect Zinc Oxide for Sunscreen, Lips, Sunblock, Acne, Eczema - Safe for babies, kids, faces - Great for Homemade Sunscreen & Deodorant
Beauty (La Lune Naturals)
  • 1/2 lb. Non-nano, Uncoated Zinc Oxide Powder. Pure Zinc Oxide for Sunscreen, for acne, for face, for foundation, for cream, for paste, Homemade Diaper Cream.
  • Very Fine, French Press Zinc Oxide powder. Vegan and Kosher Certified. Ask for our Certificate of Analysis.
  • Perfectly suited for Sunscreen, Sunblock, Homemade Deodorant, Natural Soap, Mineral Make Up, Baby Powder, Diaper Rash Cream, Acne Creams and More!
  • Comes in a convenient storage jar with a FREE measuring scoop!
  • FREE eBook with purchase that contains 10 recipes for sunscreen, deodorants, rash creams and more!
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